Adventure Hunt Las Vegas Review / Experience

It started as a casual conversation with my friend who’s birthday fell on 3/24. “I found what I want to do for my birthday,” she said. “It’s called Adventure Hunt, I’m sending you a link to sign up.”

I was quick to judge. While I consider myself adventurous, this looked line nothing I wanted to do but then again, the things you’d do for your BFF…

The day quickly came, I had no idea what to expect. Loaded the car with snacks, tools, shovels, and whatever else I could think of and header to our our meeting point.

At 9am our app reloaded with the “adventure” half. We were presented with over 50 challenges, each carried “fun” points or “adventure” points and we needed to earn 10 points of each before we began the treasure hunt portion of the day.

Over the next 3 hours we earned our points, from a trip to Cowboy Trail Rides to American Shooters to a Target parking lot and even a freezing cold pool, we completed challenges, posted them as stories on Instagram and, upon approval, I earned our points.

At around 12:30pm our last points were approved and we got our treasure hunt first clue which led us to Firefighters Memorial Park. A few clues later we made our way downtown, across town to UNLV and back to the strip.

Last stop took us to Seven Magic Mountains on the way to Primm. We completed the hunt in 6 1/2 hours and ended in the 37th place.

All in all it was a great experience. Some on our team even compared it to a mini Amazing Race… We did put together a list of ideas/tips for when/if we do it again so just in case you’re reading this in preparation for an event, here’s a handful of tips:

  1. Be strategic with your challenges.
  2. Consider driving to a place where you can complete most challenges in one place (in our case, there were many water challenges and Lake Las Vegas could have been great for completing many of them.
  3. This takes a while to complete. Only invite people who are patient and will not lose their shit in the car.
  4. In places like downtown, consider parking and going on foot. Even splitting into 2 teams. This can speed up making it into different checkpoints.

Written by What Las Vegas