Silent Savasana, A Yoga Experience Turned Movement

Imagine for a moment 675 people gathering around the Red Rock pool for a giant yoga experience. Now imagine the event going through in complete silence. There’s also no music playing and no dimly lit studio, it is just you, the sunset and the instructor who’s talking to you through a pair of LED lit wireless headphones. This is Silent Savasana.

The idea that started by yoga teacher Dray Gardner only 2 years with 35 people at a local park had turned into a movement that is growing only through word of mouth.

Never taken yoga before? Don’t worry, we spotted fans of all ages, practicing their yoga to the best of their ability. To many of the people we spoke with it was a first ever yoga experience and the vibes were extremely positive.

Pro Tip: Show up about 30-45 minutes early to grab a spot, preferably on the grass and clear your evening, they typically team with a restaurant on premises that offers free wine/cocktail/appetizers to attendees so that you can make an evening off it.

There are still a handful of events before the end of summer so make sure to take advantage:

  1. Aug 25 – South Beach Resort Las Vegas (Russell & 215)
  2. Sept 14 – Green Valley Ranch
  3. Sept 21 – Red Rock Hotel & Casino
  4. Oct 12 – Green Valley Ranch
  5. Oct 19 – Red Rock Hotel & Casino

Written by What Las Vegas